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Cyber Insurance - Services for the Insurer and the Insured

For the Insurer - Identify an organisation’s level of cyber risk for insurance underwriting. Know the risk before you onboard the client.

For the Insured – Understand your risk level and take measures to reduce the risk and your Premiums


Main Service

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment - Designed for insurance providers, underwriters and organisations preparing to purchase cyber insurance. It is based on extensive knowledge of the relevant threat actors, security breach responses and evaluations of security program maturity and readiness. The Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment provides a quick, high-level analysis of an organisation’s risk level based on their technology, processes and people. The risk is assessed along the industry standards like ISO27001 or NIST.


What you get

  • Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment report that includes current posture, risk levels and strategic recommendations

  • Executive presentation

  • Threat assessment report



  • Identification, classification and analysis of cyber risk in the context of insurance underwriting

  • Identification of factors that could cause an insurance company to experience a loss

  • Identification of company and industry cyber threats

  • Strategic recommendations for security improvement


Further services

  • Employee Cybersecurity Education –Meaningful, sustainable, and measurable cyber risk education program to reference and reinforce security policies

  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Scan & Penetration Testing– Identification of high-risk infrastructure vulnerabilities. Clients can select parts of their internet-facing infrastructure to have experts examine and identify vulnerabilities that are open to potential exploits by cyber criminals.

  • Threat Intelligence – Provide customer advanced warning prior to an attack taking place.

  • Legal / Cyber Risk Consultation – Review and strengthen incident response capabilities. A planning session with a subject matter expert to understand and plan incident response, regulatory compliance, security awareness, or privacy matters.

  • Public Relations Risk Consultation – Crisis communication plan best practices and preparation for handling potential scenarios

  • Incident Response & Cyber Hotline – 24/7/365 cyber hotline - Once a call is made to the hotline, the team will coordinate with the client to implement their response plan, engage any necessary vendors including legal, Cyber Experts and forensics experts to identify immediate threats (such as a hacker inside a network), and start the restoration and recovery processes.