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Cyber Incident Response Training

All aspects of our lives, economic strength, and national infrastructure depend on a stable, safe, and strong cyberspace. We rely on all kinds of networks to communicate and travel, power our homes, run our economy, and provide national services. Yet cyber intrusions and attacks have increased dramatically over the last decade, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical operations, and imposing high costs on the economy. Cyber-attacks come in many different forms, threats and domains – computers, internal networks, web networks, SAAS, databases, and HLS (cameras, video access control) control of processing systems, industrial machinery and more.


With our partners, we operate a combination of a unique simulator based on the technology of Cyberbit, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems with highly skilled experts.


The simulator constitutes practical training for cyber teams who deal with cyber warfare and defence, SOC information security experts, and network management and administrators. In hands-on training exercises, participants encounter advanced attack scenarios in a realistic and secure environment, under the guidance of our cyber experts.

In addition to practical expertise, training increases organizational efficiency for resolving incidents, improves self-confidence, and benefits the team’s work. The simulator enables comprehensive training for cyber security at various levels of IT and SCADA networks, and in a variety of operating systems – Windows, Linux and more.




For whom is the simulator intended?

It is recommended that the simulator trainees possess a background and experience in one of the following fields or professions:

SOC team

Incident response

Forensics team.

IT Operation and Support

System administrators & Engineers

Developers or integrators


The main advantages of the simulator-aided guidance:

Work in a computational environment and network that characterizes the full organizational network.

Experience events in real-time, executed and operated by malicious programs (everything is real, including viruses, malware, exploitation of weaknesses, break-ins, etc.).

Work in a variety of operating systems – Windows, Linux etc.

Learn and operate a variety of tools in the field – SQL, Wireshark, Arcsight, Checkpoint/Firewall, database, etc.

Work in a replication of the full organizational environment, including different kinds of servers: FTP, WEB, Apache, SMTP, DC, IIS, SQL, and more.

Train teams and individuals to improve and advance their abilities, in the maximum way to increase their professionalism.

Strengthen the communication expertise within the team, for coping with pressured situations.

Understand work methodologies, including the subjects of ethics, decision-making and escalation.